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I’ve been using Quaver for 3 years now, and I absolutely love it. It really helps the children to stay engaged – a big buzzword now in education. It helps me with classroom discipline because the children are engaged. They love Quaver, I love Quaver, and it’s an awesome program – always growing, very fluid, very current!

Kyle Kaye
West Pensacola Elementary
Pensacola, FL

Everyday with Quaver Curriculum was a highlight. To see my students learn and have fun doing it, changing their way about they feel about music made me smile. Parents would come up to me and tell me how their child was so engaged in the home activities. Quaver Rocks!

Rachel Jenkins
Phyllis R. Miller Elementary
Miami, FL

Quaver is quite simply the best music resource I have ever used. I use it every day. It is interactive and works with Promethean boards, and has a free online site that students can use to learn more about music by playing games, creating their own tracks, choreography, and much more. The students absolutely love it! I would recommend this program over any textbook series.

Kristin English
Gloria Floyd Elementary
Miami, FL

At first, I came into it quite skeptical, and once the price of the product was mentioned, I was sure I was not even going to look into it. BUT…I tried it for myself; and may I say, this is the most awesome, thoroughly meticulous, and ingeniously organized curriculum program I have ever seen! It is absolutely amazing; it sells itself.

Isaac Corzo
Eugenia B. Thomas K-8 Center
Miami, FL

The Quaver Music program has been an effective and engaging tool to use for music training research with children diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder. Games in the Ear IQ Lab and the upbeat presentation of material keeps them looking forward to daily lessons.

Dr. Susan Fulton
University of South Florida Sarasota – Manatee
Sarasota, FL

I love Quaver. It is probably the most valuable resources I have in my toolkit. I am always amazed at the ease at which I can make seamless transitions to lessons. My students frequently comment on their use and exploration of Quaver at home…by far a wonderful asset to my program.

Lagretta Snowden
Lincoln Elementary Magnet School
Plant City, FL

I was doing “Perry the Sheep” with my 4th graders (who loved it!), and then my 5th grade came in and begged to see what it was all about. This means that students are talking about music class on the outside!

Susan Daye
Veterans Memorial Elementary
Naples, FL

I started using the full Curriculum last year, and it’s absolutely wonderful. Everything is completely laid out, but you can change it and mix it up any way that you want to custom tailor it to your teaching style. All of the resources are there – it’s just incredibly vast. You could go through an entire year and never even get to half of what’s available. It helps me continue to grow as a teacher because I can try different things that I haven’t done before, and the kids like it too, because it’s completely interactive. They’re up on the board, they’re singing, and they’re involved the entire time. That was one of the things my principal was most impressed with when she came to observe me this year. She said every single kid was doing something – singing, dancing, involved in the music – and that was what Quaver helped me to do!

Joshua Kaye
Hellen Caro Elementary
Pensacola, FL

The BEST music education program in the market! I am so thankful that BMR Preparatory Academy is offering this course to our kids. There are LOTS of activities and everyone can benefit, including adults!

Yolanda Monge-Rodriguez
BMR Preparatory Academy
Lutz, FL

I continue to LOVE Quaver. I am still using the third grade material (teaching grades 5-8) because your songs are SO catchy that the students enjoy singing them. I found that after the blues section, lessons 19 and following, that I could turn away from my students and play a short 5-10 note ditty with different rhythms using BAG and have them echo it back. It was great ear training!

Cathy Williams
Phillis Wheatley Elementary
Miami, FL


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